Septic Systems

Boss Engineering is a leader in Michigan septic system design, operation, and maintenance requirements. Members of our staff have been trainers for Sanitarians, or investigators of health and safety within an environment, throughout Michigan. We provide innovative and advanced treatment systems for individual homes, larger central systems, and commercial and industrial on-site systems. We are also recognized by many of the local health departments, as well as the MDEGLE, for our expertise and problem solving approach to on-site wastewater treatment.

Our team offers operation and maintenance oversight and provide contractual agreements now required by many health agencies. Our staff boasts some of the leading individuals in the field, including former state or local health agency officials, allowing us to provide you with the best service possible. The ability to electronically monitor our engineered systems and respond to changes or failures of equipment expeditiously provides the comfort and assurance that you will not have to worry about your system; we will take care of any issues that may occur.

  • Cluster Systems: A Cluster System is a community septic system serving a number of houses. In some cases, a cluster system is the best option for wastewater disposal. A cluster system will provide one centralized location for the treatment and disposal of the wastewater generated by a single development.
  • Alternative Septic System Designs: Boss Engineering is an industry leader when it comes to Alternative Septic System Designs. Utilizing local sanitary codes, the “Michigan Criteria for subsurface sewage disposal” and our expertise in the area of on-site septic systems, we will design the best, most cost effective system to meet your needs. This design may be a pressure distribution mound, a pumped system to an elevated field, or could incorporate pretreatment units such as Advantex, Bio-microbics, or Norweco.

Trust Boss Engineering for all your septic system design and maintenance needs. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment.