Right-of-Way Surveys

Want to know where your road, pipes, or wires can travel, without illegally disrupting other people's property? Boss Engineering performs right-of-way surveys to help you find these answers!

When boundaries for properties are created, they sometimes make it difficult for roads, pipes, and other utilities to travel directly to where they need to go. In order to determine where these utilities can pass through legally, a right-of-way survey is required. There are four main types, including:

  • Private right-of-way: Allows an individual access to a property owned by another person to reach a public road.
  • Public right-of-way: Permits the public to travel over a private piece of land unhindered.
  • Pipeline right-of-way: Approves services such as gas and electricity to use a private piece of land to run pipelines that are vital to its operations.
  • Property right-of-way: Allows individual access to a property owned by another person to reach a different location.

The purpose of a right-of-way survey is to define the limits of an easement for roadways, pipelines, and other utilities. Boss Engineering has successfully completed numerous right-of-way surveys for county road commissions, drain commissioners, oil & gas companies, and private property owners.

Are you in need of a right-of-way survey? Contact us today to learn more about our services.