As-Constructed Drawing

When conducting any type of construction or building project, you want to ensure that you achieve beautiful and functional results. At Boss Engineering, our skilled team provides as-constructed drawings following the completion of your project, so you can have a record of the final outcomes.

An as-constructed drawing is a revised set of drawings submitted upon completion of a construction project. Boss Engineering can provide the necessary on-site personnel to oversee contractor compliance with the approved plans. We will also provide the measurements necessary to provide an accurate record of the work completed. Oftentimes, field changes are required during the construction, which require both approval and documentation of what actually gets constructed.

Our skilled staff keeps the appropriate notes and pictures to document the construction effort. When complete, we supply as-constructed drawings that reflect the actual work.

Looking for a trustworthy engineering company to prove as-constructed drawings for you? Contact us now to learn more about our as-constructed drawing services.