Water and Wastewater Engineering

Natural resources are one of our greatest assets. Keeping them protected requires properly engineered wastewater management systems. The experts at Boss Engineering are well versed in designing and implementing water and wastewater systems that properly protect the environment and handle wastewater to keep our water resources pristine. At Boss Engineering, we take great pride in our abilities to both provide and manage the great water resources we have here in Michigan, while providing you with the wastewater management system you need.

With our water and wastewater engineering services, we will design and oversee construction of water supply and distribution systems. We also provide design of small wastewater treatment systems, including septic systems and modern biological processing plants. Rather than provide mega-plants that collect water from miles away and bring to a central location, we feel it is more environmentally responsible and appropriate to recycle the water at, or near, where it is taken from. We then provide immediate recharge to the natural hydrological process.

We provide the following water and wastewater engineering services:

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