Anchor Bolt Surveys

When building a structure, anchor bolt placement is a crucial component in the erection of structural steel. When this placement is not done correctly, the stability of the structure can be compromised. Boss Engineering’s professional surveyors and technicians have extensive experience in locating points for anchor bolts and understand the precision required and the checks necessary to accurately layout the anchor bolt network for structures of any size or configuration.

Our team at Boss Engineering has performed numerous anchor bolt as-built surveys over the years. An anchor bolt survey benefits all parties involved, from the foundation contractors to the steel fabricator and erector, enabling them to make changes prior to discovering discrepancies during the installation process that can lead to costly charges and downtime. This survey can also be used by either steel or foundation contractors to repair incorrectly installed anchor bolts to ensure timely and accurate structural steel erection.

In need of an anchor bolt survey by professionals you can trust? Contact us today to learn more about our anchor bolt survey services.