Site Planning

Site Planning is so much more than placing a building or structure on your property. At Boss Engineering, we take the time to evaluate the existing topography, vehicular and pedestrian patterns, environmental concerns, and of course zoning requirements. We make every effort to incorporate your needs into a site that reflects your attention to detail and in which the structure becomes a part of the surroundings. We take the time to work with the municipality and provide a site everyone can be proud of.

We incorporate the newest design techniques including low impact design in all our site planning projects. We want your site to set the example for those around you while maintaining the ever constant requirement of fiscal responsibility.

Commercial Site Planning

We have extensive experience planning and designing for commercial projects. We ensure that all requirements are met and that building operations functions are optimized. All details, from parking lots and entryways, to loading zones and traffic flow, are carefully thought out to provide you with a finished product that is both visually appealing and meets the needs of your site's customers and employees.

Industrial Site Planning

We will effectively met the unique needs of planning for industrial sites. Our plans account for proper functioning and operation of finalized site, optimal use of land, and environmental impact, while meeting all local, state, and federal guidelines and requirements.

Boss Engineering is your source for precise site planning that ensures a site that meets your needs as well as exacting specifications. Contact us today for more information.