Fenton, MI Civil Engineering and Surveys

Boss Engineering is your source for Fenton, MI civil engineering and surveying. We offer a full range of services, including civil engineering, surveying, and land-planning, as well as services for wastewater and wastewater treatment facilities.

Fenton, MI Civil Engineering Services

No matter that size of your project, we provide a wide range of civil engineering services to meet the needs of residential and commercial jobs. We also provide exceptional consulting services for both public and private entities, so we are confident that we can meet all your Fenton, MI civil engineering needs. Our services include:

Fenton, MI Land Surveying

Our team of Certified Survey Technicians and professional surveyors have the experience needed to perform an extensive array of land survey services. To provide our clients with accurate and professional results our surveyors use only the most trusted and effective technology and equipment. Our Fenton, MI land surveying services include:

Fenton, MI Water & Wastewater Engineering

We have extensive experience in overseeing the construction of water supply and distribution systems, as well as a performing a wide range of services for wastewater treatment. At Boss Engineering, we use proven methods to protect our valuable water resources while providing clients with excellent Fenton, MI water & wastewater engineering services, including:

Fenton, MI Landscape Architecture

We provide all forms of landscape architecture services including designing, planning, management, and stewardship to create aesthetically pleasing and functional landscapes. Our Fenton, MI landscape architects utilize their experience and knowledge to expertly design both simple and complex landscapes to fit your individual needs. Our featured services include:

Fenton, MI Construction Services

We offer a wide range of construction project services to the Fenton, MI area and beyond. Our construction services are used in all phases of the building process to ensure that the build is completed to code, within budget, and in a timely fashion. Some of our construction services include:

  • Construction Inspections
  • As-Constructed Drawings
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