School Projects

Boss Engineering has extensive experience completing a wide range of services for universities and K-12 schools. View the school projects below to learn more.

The existing visitor parking lot for the Lakes Elementary School in Hartland, MI had a limited number of parking spaces, and required all vehicles to exit through the bus drop-off driveway. The project included the reconfiguration of the parking... Read more

Boss Engineering was responsible for design and construction supervision of a new playground for a K through 4th grade school. The design incorporated separate structures for kindergarten through 2nd grade and 3rd and 4th grades. Per the request... Read more

The Hartland High School, in Hartland, MI, needed a public sewer connection design and wastewater system closure plan. Boss provided survey and engineering services that assisted in the connection of Hartland High School to the municipal sewer... Read more

The Greenhills School project involves incorporating three building additions totaling 25,000 sq.ft. to the existing school. The additions have been registered to qualify for the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and... Read more

Access to the staff/visitor parking lot for the Farms Intermediate School was through the bus drop-off driveway. Parents dropping off or picking their children up were stacking up into the bus driveway, blocking buses from getting in and out. A... Read more