Lyon Towne Center

Located in South Lyon, Michigan, the Lyon Towne Center is a retail development consisting of a 52,000+ sq. ft. Kroger, 20,000 sq. ft. of retail space, and three outlots. Due to the Oakland County Health Department Density Policy (Article II), a development is restricted to 350 gallons/acre. This requires a developer to acquire far more land than would otherwise be needed for the project. The Oakland County Health Department does however, allow for a reduction from this requirement if pretreatment of the wastewater is provided. A 10,000 gallon/day wastewater system, designed by Boss Engineering, integrated an aerobic pretreatment system designed to reduce high strength (food service) commercial wastewater to levels comparable to that of residential septic tank effluent. This treated effluent is then passed through a Recirculating Sand Filter for additional polishing prior to its final disposal into the subsurface soils. By incorporating the aforementioned treatment system, the developer was able to meet the Article II requirement with 17 acres verses the 28 acres that would have otherwise been required without this system. As an additional bonus, the area required for the final disposal tile field was also reduced by approximately 65% strictly due to the high quality of the effluent produced by this system.