Livonia, MI Civil Engineering and Surveys

Boss Engineering is devoted to providing superior services in Southeast Michigan, including Livonia and the surrounding communities. We are a full-service surveying, civil engineering, and land-planning company with advanced experience in wastewater treatment systems. We offer a complete range of Livonia, MI civil engineering and survey services.

Livonia, MI Civil Engineering Services

Our professional civil engineering services are tailored to meet your individual needs, from residential services to large scale commercial and industrial plans. We provide professional advising and counseling services to both the public and private sectors. We strive to meet all your Livonia, MI civil engineering needs. Our services include:

Livonia, MI Land Surveying

Our team of Certified Survey Technicians and professional surveyors expertly perform a variety of land survey services based on your individual needs. We utilize equipment and technology that is innovative, providing our clients with the most precise and reliable results possible. Our Livonia, MI land surveying services include:

Livonia, MI Construction Services

Our team offers numerous services to help in a wide range of construction projects. Our selection of construction services are designed to meet specific needs within the different phases of the construction process, from initial planning to completion. We work to ensure that your construction project is completed not only to code, but also on time. Some of our Livonia, MI construction services include:

Livonia, MI Landscape Architecture

We have the skills and training to expertly tackle the complex task of designing an aesthetically pleasing landscape that is functional. To best meet the unique needs of our clients, we provide a full range of landscape architecture services, including planning, designing, and management. Our Livonia, MI landscape architects expertly design superior landscapes. Our services include:

Livonia, MI Water & Wastewater Engineering

At Boss Engineering, we are your source for the design and managing of the construction of your water supply and distribution, as well as wastewater systems. Our team has the training and skills needed to provide superior systems that also preserve our precious water resources. Our excellent Livonia, MI water & wastewater engineering services include:

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