Jackson, MI Civil Engineering and Surveys

Boss Engineering provides a variety of services to the Jackson, MI area. For over 50 years, our full-service surveying, civil engineering, water & wastewater engineering, and land-planning company has worked diligently to meet the varied needs of our clients. We offer all the Jackson, MI civil engineering and survey services you need.

Jackson, MI Land Surveying

We only employ professional surveyors and Certified Survey Technicians to perform our land surveying services, ensuring that quality results are achieved. In addition, we only use technology and equipment that is both proven and innovative to provide our clients with the accurate and professional results they deserve. Our Jackson, MI land surveying services include:

Jackson, MI Civil Engineering Services

Whether you need residential or commercial/industrial services, our team of civil engineers will meet your project goals. Our diverse background allows us to meet all your Jackson, MI civil engineering needs, including:

Jackson, MI Water & Wastewater Engineering

As it is one of our specialties, we offer a complete selection of services for wastewater treatment. In addition, we design and manage the construction of water supply and distribution systems. Our team's background and experience gives them the skills necessary to not only design effective water and wastewater systems, but to also protect our precious Michigan water resources. Our services include:

Jackson, MI Construction Services

We provide quality construction services to assist with any size project. Our Jackson, MI construction services ensure that the project is both completed to code and in a timely fashion. Some of our featured construction services include:

Jackson, MI Landscape Architecture

Due to the complex nature of creating a functional landscape that successfully balances form and function, we utilize a team with extensive experience in landscape architecture on all our projects. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, including landscape designing, planning, and management. Our Jackson, MI landscape architects expertly design landscapes that not only look great, but are also viable. Our services include:

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