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Elevation Certificate LOMA

Following the publication of the revised FEMA flood maps, lenders started a thorough review of all existing mortgages for properties on or near bodies of water. A significant number of these properties were now being shown in the floodplain. Lenders began requiring the homeowners to purchase flood insurance, an extremely expensive addition to the monthly mortgage payment. Because of the general approximation of the floodplain limits on the maps, many of the homes that are above the flood elevation were included.

How can you remedy the situation? Boss Engineering will obtain the necessary elevations to prepare a FEMA Elevation Certificate. The elevation certificate is used by insurance companies to establish flood insurance rates. If, as in numerous cases, the home is above the floodplain elevation, we can prepare and electronically submit a LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment) application to FEMA to remove the home from the flood maps. This will eliminate the federal mandate for flood insurance. In most cases this determination can be achieved within 24 hours of the fieldwork through the eLOMA process for Zone AE properties.

We utilize a variety of specialized equipment to ensure that all of our calculations are correct for your elevation certificate LOMA. Contact us today to learn more.